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stuffed beach belly by boogapig55
Mature content
stuffed beach belly :iconboogapig55:boogapig55 21 2
SSBBW Yoko Littner Chapter two
                                                               SSBBW Yoko Littner
                                                                    Chapter 2
It was morning and Yoko was still asleep. Her belly had shrank down to a plush tummy with newly added fat. There was weight added to the rest of her body but most of it was centered on her midriff. The button on her shorts had popped off sometime during the night when she was gorging and her fly was zipped down. The seams of her shorts had torn from her hips, ass, and thighs growing fatter. The top she was wearing was strained but still intact. Her breasts had grown a bit. Yoko wasn’t a fit and trim
:iconboogapig55:boogapig55 7 0
SSBBW Yoko Littner
                                                                        SSBBW Yoko Littner
                                                                            Chapter one
    After the defeat of Lord Genome, Team Dai Gurren moved into the stage of establishing cities on the surface and the members all had their own respective duties. Yoko Littner however decided to take some time off. She would vacation on an island somewhere where there were no people and no beastmen. However, the island she picked was going to be a bit different from what she was expecting when she arrived by boat.
    Yoko wa
:iconboogapig55:boogapig55 9 2
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Thanksgiving week by KipTeiTei
Mature content
Thanksgiving week :iconkipteitei:KipTeiTei 727 28
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No Lunch Break! Page 111 by KipTeiTei
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                                                               SSBBW Yoko Littner
                                                                    Chapter 2

It was morning and Yoko was still asleep. Her belly had shrank down to a plush tummy with newly added fat. There was weight added to the rest of her body but most of it was centered on her midriff. The button on her shorts had popped off sometime during the night when she was gorging and her fly was zipped down. The seams of her shorts had torn from her hips, ass, and thighs growing fatter. The top she was wearing was strained but still intact. Her breasts had grown a bit. Yoko wasn’t a fit and trim girl anymore. She had grown pleasantly plump overnight. She had dreams of being stuffed to the gills but still eating anything she could grab within reach and little men bringing her more and more. She would grow bigger and bigger, not stopping. It got to the point where she was consumed by her swelling breasts and belly. But she still wouldn’t stop. It would have gone on until she probably would explode if not for being woken up by the light of the sun. Her eyes fluttered open and she groaned.

    There were the two caretakers by her side. “Good morning miss Yoko.” Kita said.
“Mmm, good morning. Ugh, i hope i didn’t sleep in too late.”
“No, it’s not noon yet.”
“Which means there’s still time for breakfast if you’re hungry.” said Nala.
“Oh gosh no, haha! I’m still full from last night. I don’t remember everything but I think I ate a lot. Oh god, i guess I DID. I look..and feel bigger.”
“You were magnifi- Kita cut Nala off by saying “You were a pleasure to have! Everyone enjoyed meeting you! Heh heh.” Nala looked at Kita in confusion.
“Aww thank you so much! Listen if it’s not too much trouble, could I stay here for a few nights? I don’t know the lay of the land yet and I-”
“Oh yes of course! You’re welcome to stay as long as you like, miss Yoko!” Kita beamed.
“Thank you! Again! Haha! You guys are so generous. I need to go get my things and find a place to wash up. I’ll be right back okay?” Yoko said.
“I can tell you there’s a place that’s perfect for that. If you go in that direction and walk for about 10 minutes, you’ll come to a pool with a small waterfall. It’s perfectly secluded so you’ll have plenty of privacy.”
“Really? That sounds great. Thank you. I’ll be back in an hour.”
“Take all the time you want, dear.”

    So Yoko got some clothes from her bag and a towel and left for the tropical pool. She felt groggy and wanted nothing more than to bathe. Her hair was a mess and she had grease on her which she surmised was from dinner. She was also thirsty. All the food she had been processing overnight had taken a lot of water. Walking the last few minutes had become exhausting but she could hear the waterfall splashing into the pool which gave her the motivation to keep going. The closer she got, the more she was dying of thirst. Yoko huffed as she got to the water’s edge. She was barefoot so she didn’t have to bother taking off any boots but she was still wearing her shorts. Yoko didn’t care about getting her shorts wet however and just walked into the water. She immediately gulped down water and breathed heavy. Still walking further until she had to swim. Yoko had the urge to swim to the waterfall so that she could drink from it. When she got there, she let the water wash her hair and splash onto her shoulders. Incidentally the water also splashed down on to her breasts and pushed her bikini top down. Yoko untied her bra and threw it into the pool. She was standing on a submerged boulder so she didn’t have to expend any more energy swimming for now. She was tired and thirsty still; so Yoko tilted her head back and opened her mouth for the cool water. It was so refreshing.
“Gulp, Gulp, Gulp.” Her gut was like a water balloon. Drinking water like a horse, she finally quenched her thirst. Her belly had swollen outwards a bit with the intake of two liters. And she breaked for a deep breath of air. She rubbed her belly and groaned. “Ughh...shit. I definitely ate too much last night. I’ve gotten fat. But it doesn’t change the fact that that was the best dinner I’ve ever had. Hm, I wonder why. Why was everything so damn good?!” And with these thoughts of last night’s dinner, Yoko felt her tummy grumble.
“You’ve got to be kidding me. Ah fuck it, I'm on vacation. And I’m only here for a month. It’s not like i could grow to be a total fatty in that time.”
SSBBW Yoko Littner Chapter two
Yoko freshens up and decides that she can indulge a little bit since it IS a vacation after all. 
                                                                        SSBBW Yoko Littner
                                                                            Chapter one
    After the defeat of Lord Genome, Team Dai Gurren moved into the stage of establishing cities on the surface and the members all had their own respective duties. Yoko Littner however decided to take some time off. She would vacation on an island somewhere where there were no people and no beastmen. However, the island she picked was going to be a bit different from what she was expecting when she arrived by boat.

    Yoko walked off the dock and onto the beach. She knew the first thing she wanted to do was have a swim. While setting her rifle down and taking off her boots she thought of how nice the water would be. She was sick of the desert with the heat and the dry air and the dust! Coming to this Island was a great idea and she was beyond ready for a vacation. She walked over to where the trees were and set down the duffle bag she had brought with her. Mumbling to herself “mm where is it?”. She found the bikini she packed and took it out. Behind the concealment of ferns she took off her clothes and put on the bottoms. Then she tied the top and was off.

    The water was cool and refreshing. There was no hesitation to go all in! After diving she surfaced and took a deep breath. She laughed and gave a great sigh of relief. “This is SOO NICE!” She spent about 15 minutes swimming and afterwards walked back onto the beach. Yoko laid down on the beach towel she had just set out beneath an umbrella and she closed her eyes. She quickly dozed off. This was going to be a great vacation she thought to herself.

    Some time had past and the sun was setting. It produced a brilliant colored sky. Yoko felt something poking her shoulder. She awoke and looked to her side. It was a beastman! Well, a beastboy actually. Yoko yelped and jolted away from the young thing. The beastboy spoke.
“Oh! Im sorry lady! I thought maybe you had died. Heh.”
Then Yoko…”Oh great, a beastman. I can’t begin-wait. What? How would you think I was dead?”
“I donno, you looked dead to me. But I’m glad you’re not! Why don’t you come with me to my pop’s village. Dinner is probably almost ready.”
Yoko, still groggy from her nap, said “Thanks kid but I-wait. Did you say dinner? Wellll heh, I am pretty hungry. Okay, I’ll come with you and stay for dinner.”
“Yea, but first I need to change into something more appropriate. Stay RIGHT HERE. And look that way. I’ll be right back.”
“Okay!” said the beast boy.

    And so Yoko and the beast boy headed off into the forest. After talking about themselves Yoko learned the beast boy’s name. He was called Juni. Yoko introduced herself as well and the two of them enjoyed talking to each other. They had come to a clearing where the village sat and they walked up the path. There they were walking through the village and all eyes were on Yoko. She felt a little out of place there. Then the two had arrived at a large hut where Juni went in to get his Dad. Yoko was left alone briefly. She turned around to see all the beastmen staring at her in surprise and wonderment. She just laughed nervously and waved. The beastmen whispered to each other. Yoko just turned around and kicked at the dirt not knowing what else to do. Finally Juni came out of the hut with his father and mother. Juni’s father spoke.
“Hello, I am Goro, the chieftain of this village and this is my wife, Makhtee. My son tells me he found you on the beach in need of a meal. We would be happy to have you join us. In fact your arrival is a very special occasion so let us treat you to the best we have to offer!” The chieftain spoke so enthusiastically and spread out his arms welcoming the foreign girl.
Yoko was flattered and said “Well gosh, thank you!”
“What is your name?” said Makhtee.
“Yoko.” she said with a smile.
“All will welcome Yoko! She is our guest! All say Ai!” Makhtee shouted with glee.
Everyone chanted “Ai! Ai! Ai!”

    Everyone motioned Yoko and walked with her to an open area with a big barbecue pit in the center. It was a big area made to hold all the villagers for public barbecues and bonfires. Everyone was overjoyed to be having a party but they were mostly happy to have Yoko there. They showed a lot of interest in her. Some asked questions like where she came from and how old she was, how she got to the island. Yoko answered their questions and she expected the beastmen to be relatively bored with her boring answers. But surprisingly they showed lots of enthusiasm to everything she said.

    The chieftain, Goro walked over and said that tonight they would be roasting a whole pig. He also gave yoko a drink.
“Here Yoko, this is a drink we make from coconut milk and crushed berries we call jellybees.”
“Oh thank you!” Yoko took a sip and it was delicious. She mindlessly drank the whole thing, not realizing it. One of the beastmen watched and offered to take the cup for her after she was done.
The bonfire rose high into the evening sky and beastmen drummed away and danced around the fire. Yoko talked to various villagers. She told them stories of her adventures and about her friends and her life. The beastmen were surprised to know that other beastmen besides themselves were out there and that they had subjugated yoko and her race to subterranean life. They were peaceful beastmen and they cherished their way of life on the surface on the island. They felt sympathy for Yoko who had a rough life. Yoko just shrugged it off and said It was no biggie since it was finally over. The beastmen were impressed. They had never dreamed someone like Yoko existed since they had only known their island and their neighbors. One beastwomen told Yoko that she looked much too thin and showed her concern. She asked
“Do you guys have trouble finding food where you come from?”
Yoko admitted that times had been tough but she did eat and she wasn’t starving back home.
“I just run around a lot, so..yea. Heh. Course now that you mention food...I’m really famished for some reason.” Her expression turned to a weary one and she put her hand to her stomach. It growled in hunger and Yoko could feel the hunger pains now. “Oww.”
One of the beastwomen shouted to another
“Go see what’s taking them so long! The poor thing is in pain.”

    Moments later beastmen came with a huge roasted pig on a wooden pallet. The feast could commence. For Yoko. The pig was not meant for anyone else as the chieftain told Yoko “Eat as much as you like.” The beastmen had a pig for themselves to be divided amongst everyone. This pig was enormous. It had to be the biggest pig Yoko had ever seen and it smelled absolutely intoxicating. The poor girl tore into the pig with ravenous hunger. She completely abandoned etiquette. She was just focused on one thing and that was to fill her belly. The meat was succulent. Yoko moaned in pleasure. One beastman set down a tub of water to drink beside yoko and another came in from the opposite side bearing what looked like a turkey drumstick. “Here Yoko, try this, it’s even better!”
Yoko took the drumstick with both hands and bit into it. The skin was crispy and the best part of course. “Mmmm it’s amazing!” She gulped down some water after a few bites and went on to eat more and more. A beastwoman walked up with a small cup of gravy and placed it beside Yoko. “Yoko my name is Mara, nice to meet you! This is just some gravy in case the meat is a little dry.” Yoko took the cup and didn’t bother putting it on any of the meat. She just took a swig of it and then bit into the drumstick she was holding.
Yoko felt her shorts getting tight as she ate and ate. She could feel her belly filling up and it was heaven. More food had been brought to her and she was beginning to feel a little ridiculous now.

“Oh guys, thanks but i think I’m feeling a bit-” Yoko was cut off by Makhtee the chieftain’s wife saying “Before you finish up dear, have some of this! It’s the best drink we have to offer.” Makhtee gave Yoko a cup of drink and Yoko took it saying “Ah, well alright, I don’t want to be rude and refuse your generosity heheh.”
Yoko took a sip and tasted it for a moment recalling the drink she had earlier except this one seemed a little different. “You know, this stuff tastes a bit like-” Yoko cut herself off by gulping down the rest of the cup! She didn’t know what this stuff was really. All she knew was that it was delicious and she couldn’t leave it alone.
Immediately Yoko’s desire for more food came back and she continued gorging. She ate and ate and ate; filling herself to the brim. Her belly was huge and she felt like she was going to explode. Her pace slowed down and she rubbed her belly whilst moaning and burping. She felt absolutely engorged to her limit! The sight before the villagers was something to behold. There lay Yoko with a belly sticking out at least a foot away from the apex of her breasts. She was laying on her back, in a dazed state, staring up at the night sky. The light of the fire around her. There was a cool ocean breeze coming in that felt so good. She was hot and stuffed. And all the beastmen had fallen silent with the exception of a slow and gentle drumbeat. “Bom bom bom bom” growing slower and softer “….bom.” Yoko gave in to a pleasant intoxication and she fell fast asleep. A couple of beastwomen knelt beside the girl and put their hands gently on her belly and gave it slow concentric rubs. Kind of like in spiral motions. They giggled quietly as they watched Yoko snore like a drunken sailor and just by the sheer ridiculousness of her engorged gut. The villagers walked back to their huts for the night and the chieftain and his wife walked over to where the two caretakers were with Yoko.

“You two take good care of her tonight and we’ll see you in the morning.” said Goro.
“Yes, of course.” one said with a smile.
And with that the two beastwomen, Kita and Nara, looked after Yoko as she slept soundly.
SSBBW Yoko Littner
Yoko vacations on an island where a tribe of friendly beastmen give her all the food she could ever want and more. This story contains stuffing and weight gain.
So to start this off i wanna let everyone know im still here. It's been busy. And ive had a lack of inspiration lately but i think im coming out of that. So getting to the good stuff-i wanna say ive been thinking a lot lately about the character Debbie from American Dad. When i was a teen i had the biggest crush on her. She was kinda my ideal fictional girlfriend. Silly lol. I dont have a crush on her anymore but i still like the character. I thought wouldnt it be nice to do a fanart of her but refine the design a bit to where she doesnt fit the character model in the show. I.e. make her arms and legs a little longer, give em more shape than just wet noodle. Well im working on it now and im pretty eager to show you guys. It'll be up later tonight.


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heyy everbahdy! I'm will and what i love to do most is draw. I've been drawing a long time as a hobby and for years now i have wanted to draw chubby women and share it on deviantart. I've been on deviant art for about seven years now however i have not done anything that i feel to be worthwhile. I'm hoping to change that this coming year! i promised myself that once i was in a stable position in life, i would get back to drawing. So here i am, im going to do my best while having fun with my passion. specifically speaking i like drawing chubby or fat girls/women. i like the idea of progression and weight gain, and stuffing mostly. so thats mostly what one can expect from me. i hope to share some really cool stuff with you guys very soon!


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